Specializing in Solutions

Change Management
Unmanaged change can cause chaos and disunity while impacting your bottom line. When the culture of your organization changes, BGI creates a strategy to efficiently manage the process.
Performance Improvement
It is estimated that employers lose an estimated $544 billion in lost productivity each year. Using current data from your business, BGI creates systems to increase productivity with performance management processes that work to ensure goals are met.
Organizational Transformation
What needs to be done to grow your business? We answer that question through our organizational transformation process that matches your goals with daily action steps to get you closer to achieving those goals.
Diversity and Inclusion
Diversifying your workforce brings far reaching benefits that can serve to transform your business both internally and externally. BGI consultants assist in attracting and retaining diverse talent as well as finding opportunities to encourage diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.
Business Development
Whether you are just starting your business or seeking to grow and expand, our experienced consultants provide development plans that bring focus and succinct direction to business owners.
Corporate and Business Strategy
Without a strategy, your growth will merely be a desire and not a reality. The BGI model creates a plan that outlines the strategy for both short term and long term success building a link between performance and rewards.
Executive and Leadership Coaching
Our experts offer a fresh perspective that provides new thinking and new ideas to the key leadership within a business to develop next generation leaders. Leaders are then able to grow their influence and operate with focus and strategy to sustain essential growth.
Employee Engagement
Employees want to work for companies that foster their personal growth and career advancement. BGI understands the value of full employee engagement and works with you to develop growth opportunities for employees at every level within your organization.

Benefits of partnering with BGI

Practical Tools, Customized Growth Plans, Sustained Success

  • Accountability and guidance from a skilled BGI advisor
  • Increased impact and influence within your organization
  • Strategic systems and processes aligned with organizational goals
  • Leadership empowerment and purposeful engagement of staff
  • Ongoing, targeted support to ensure consistent growth
  • Effective talent acquisition and retention plans